As an artist, Kristine Engelbrecht works under her name with a series of works called WOODWORKS. Under that heading, you will find the categories RELIEF and BRICKS both with a point of departure in archetypical geometric shapes that create motifs of perspective in a variety of layers and nuances. RELIEF focuses on three-dimensional, layered compositions in which Kristine Engelbrecht works with depth, shadow, and carvings – with the grain of the wood as an added graphic component. BRICKS emphasises the two-dimensional composition in a combination of natural and painted wood – inspired by the patchwork blanket, only here the material is different.

“It is always the material that defines the shape, just like colours are a contributing factor in the result. The dramaturgy of the works changes according to daylight and the dimensional structures of the work. Structure, depth, and layers are additional aspects that help create the expression of a work, as well as its multi-facetted scenography,”